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What would you do if you were the first female police officer in Glasgow with a PhD?
Could you survive if you were raised in a posh neighbourhood of Edinburgh and learnt about crime from a book?
Would your PhD in psychology clash with your newly assigned detective inspector who grew up in the slums of Glasgow's East End and learnt about crime from the street?
Would you royally piss off this new boss of yours if you were 'all about rules' and he was ex-Marine and ex-SWAT in America for ten years, and had brought back the aggression and attitude of a cowboy cop to Glasgow?
DEATH BY GLASGOW teams up the education, sophistication and brains of Detective Sergeant Fiona Lyon-Jones with the street sense, balls and gall of Detective Inspector Fleet Sharkey.
A double-barrel with a posh lilt, partnered with a bad boy with an impenetrable accent.
Colliding cultures.Colliding accents.Colliding egos.
A marriage made in hell.
It's a week before Christmas. If they don't get their act together-fast-neither one will live to see Hogmanay.

Shortlisted by the Crime Writers Association for the Debut Dagger Award

Here's what the CWA Debut Dagger judges had to say:
'Confident writing with vivid energy coming off the page ... arresting and gritty ... the plot is surprising and gripping ... great series potential.'

Quotes from best-selling crime writers:
'I believed I was in Breakfield's Glasgow and felt the chill of the city wrapping around my shoulders or was it going to be my throat?  Throughout the book I felt a sense of threat. It hung in doorways. In bars. Even in seemingly innocuous conversation.' -- Best-selling author of the DC Goodhew series Alison Bruce

'Punchy and with a strong sense of place' -- Best-selling Scottish crime writer and former policewoman Karen Campbell

'...gripping debut from an exciting new author' -- Sunday Times best-selling author Lee Weeks


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